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• Pub. date: June 2006
• ISBN 1-932690-26-3
• 100 pages
• 6x9" paperback

New book shows you how to create the love you deserve!

Your long-time partner has just walked out on you forever:

  • Do you feel paralyzed or afraid to move on?
  • Does the thought or sight of your old partner with someone else fill you with rage?
  • Are you worried or anxious about how to get by financially on your own?
  • Are you afraid to start another relationship with a new partner?
  • Do you lack energy and motivation to do anything at all since the break-up?
  • Do you spend a lot of time thinking how it might have been different?
    If you answered YES to any of these questions then this book is for you!

    Book #1 From the 10-Step Empowerment Series

    The journey of Self-Discovery is at hand!

    Life After Your Lover Walks Out: A Practical Guide, is an honest, straightforward book that helps the reader through each step on the road to recovery.

    The book identifies the feelings that emerge during this emotional upheaval and offers a reservoir of alternative solutions on how to deal with these emotions. The journey of selfdiscovery is handled sensitively, and is an essential passage in moving on from an unhealthy relationship to a healthy emotional future. Bevan’s no-nonsense style leads the reader from the essential grief and agony towards taking on a new life with courage, compassion, and positive choices. This book is like having your best friend’s advice always on tap.

    About the Author
    In Lynda’s 22-year career in mental health, she helped patients who were having problems with events that arise in everyday life: divorce, anxiety, depression, bereavement, stress, loss of role, and relationship issues. Her program can be heard regularly on Swansea Sound Radio in South Wales, U.K. Learn more about Lynda at her website.

  • What People are Saying About Life After Your Lover Walks Out
    “This is a well thought out, useful litle book that is an excellent guide for those recovering form a broken, long-term relationship.” —Robert Rich, PhD, M.A.P.S., author of Cancer: A Personal Challenge
    “The dissolution of relationships, especially of the romantic variety, leaves the abandoned partner dazzled, depleted, and traumatized. In such a state of mind, one gropes for concise, hands-on no-nonsense guidance. Regrettably, most self-help literature is bloated, narcissistic, and off-topic. If you know someone who has just been painfully dumped by their significant other—buy them this booklet.” —Sam Vaknin, Malignant Self Love: Narcissism Revisited.
    “Lynda Bevan delivers what she promises in the title of the book: it is a practical guide and a no-nonsense approach. Her descriptions of the experiences are palpable.” —Chin Tao, LMFT
    “This is a well thought out, useful little book that is an excellent guide for those recovering from a broken long-term relationship.” —Robert Rich, MSc, PhD, M.A.P.S.,
    “Nowadays there are too many books about adult loving relationships, but they usually are generic and abstract descriptions. This book is different because it moves to specificity and provides concrete steps to overcome a disrupting episode in our lives.” —Carlos J. Sanchez, MA, Family Therapist
    “A hands-on guide, Bevan leads us through the stages of loss and mourning, then foster movement towards integration and the creation of healthy new relationships.” —Carolyn Crimmins, Psy.D
    “This book is succinct and in clear language for the lay (non-mental health professional) reader to understand. Bevan has real-life experience in the area of loss and ’rebuilding’ her life and self-esteem in the face of traumatic experiences such as being abandoned by a partner.” —Margaret M. Mustelier, Psy.D.
    “An excellent tool to help persons move on after the end of a relationship. Life After Your Lover Walks Out highlights the common cognitive distortions and exaggerated emotions and urges the reader to examine their actions and how they perpetuate their feeling of loss. Through the use of introspective questions the book invites the reader to take a journey of self examination in order to accept the loss and to reengage in life.” —Ian Landry, MA, MSW, Case Manager
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