What people are saying about The Secrets of Medical Decision Making

"The Secrets of Medical Decision Making: How to avoid becoming a victim of the Health Care Machine is an important book. It should be read by everyone, because all of us are sometimes in need of medical care. It is an eye-opener, a call to arms and a guide.

"Dr. Reznik is convinced that the medical establishment has drifted into a position of having betrayed its mission. He has the courage of his convictions, and is out to slay the dragon of mistreatment that people very often experience once they are caught up in the medical machine. And he tells you how you can fight back on an individual level.

"The cost of health care has blown out, and is continuing to rise. Dr. Reznik has persuaded me that much of this money is wasted on useless and unnecessary procedures. Indeed, many of these expensive activities are more likely to harm than to help the patient. He cites impressive authorities to back up his claims. It seems to me that his book should be read by policymakers, who might consider saving several fortunes, both for the taxpayer in general, and the individual victim. Why should patients suffer, and taxpayers slave away, just to ensure the profit of the health care industry?

I consider it an honor to have edited this immensely useful guide to better health despite the worst the medical world can do."

Bob Rich, Ph.D., MAPS, AASH
Psychologist, author of Cancer: A Personal Challenge and others

"Dr. Reznik candidly exposes the conflicting interests inherent in con-temporary medical practice. He encourages patients and their family members to be knowledgeable and pro-active healthcare consumers by asking questions, evaluating research, trusting personal preferences, and understanding the limitations of modern medicine. This empowering and insightful book is a must read for healthcare professionals and the patients they treat."
-Beth Maureen Gray, R.N., B.S.

"The Secrets of Medical Decision Making awakens the reader rather quickly with startling revelations about the lack of seriousness the health care in-dustry has towards a society of wellness. Patients in today's society resemble an assembly line as they are pushed through a healthcare system that seeks to serve and protect the medical industry at the expense of the patient's health, safety, and welfare. If this book at least motivates its readers to become more involved in medical decision making when seeking treatment, it will have succeeded as a critically needed public service."
-Rev. James W. Clifton, Ph.D., LCSW

As a Canadian and a health care provider this book frightens me. This book lays out what our country is headed for if we privatize health care in Canada. A must read for everyone working, or accessing, health care in North America and for anyone who has any doubts that we must take drastic action to preserve Universal Health Care in Canada."
-Ian Landry, MA, MSW, RSW

"This is a profound book for the layman. Many times a doctor never levels with their patients because the doctor wants to spare us the pain of dealing with the illness or disease. I know, from personal experience, I'm more hurt and suspicious of my doctor when they behave this way rather than telling me plainly. I recommend The Secrets of Medical Decision Making to all patients interested in their health and keeping healthy."
-Lillian Cauldwell

"Dr Reznik has written a highly informative book that Americans need to read for the knowledge that most of us don't have. In today's constantly changing medical world, we need all the help that we can get. Many thanks to Dr Reznik for sharing with us."
-M Elizabeth McCall

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