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• Pub. date: May 2006
• ISBN 1-932690-20-4
• 156 pages
• 6x9" paperback

What if your dreams could come true?

Like many people, I used to spend a good deal of my time fantasizing about the life I wish I had. Caught in the mindset of "I could never do that," "why can't I be more like so and so," and "nothing is ever going to change", I felt my dreams slipping away. But one simple question, why not?, changed my life forever. This phrase challenged to take control of my life and start driving towards the me I always hoped I could be.

The Complete Being: Finding and Loving the Real You will help you realize your own hopes and dreams. This book contains the wealth of my own personal journey to contentment in easy to adapt exercises that you can use to identify and strive towards your own life ambitions. You will regain control of your own destiny by applying these simple yet thought-provoking exercises in the mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of your life.

About the Author
Tami Brady earned a B.A. and M.A. in Archeology and Heritage before turning her interests to alternative medicine (Ph.D., D.D, R.M.), largely due to her own experiences with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. Today she provides Whole Health Therapy for Fibromyalgia sufferers.

More information about Tami, her Whole Health Therapy services, and her various publications can be found on her website

What People are Saying About The Complete Being
"The Complete Being is a perfect and simple way to begin the process of transforming one's life and living the unique purpose that resides within the soul." Richard A. Singer Jr., MA, CAC
Author, Your Daily Walk with the Great Minds of the Past and Present

“The main point I saw in this work, and one I thought was outstanding, is that we are all individuals, unique and that one set formula may not work for everyone. I believe that is what makes her work different than other self-help books.” —Shirley Johnson, Midwest Book Review

“I found myself submersed in this book, discovering it a true source of encouragement, that however overwhelming life becomes, we should stay aware of what we want, never forgetting where we come from or what our dreams are.” —Tracy Jane-Newton, An Alternative View

The Complete Being is meant to aid you in the further exploration of your wants, needs, and desires as well as your hopes and dreams. It is a very suitable guide for those painful first steps toward self- knowledge.” —Robert Rich, PhD, author of Cancer: A Personal Challenge.

"If you have been thinking there must be more to life than what you have; or you find you tend to say one thing in public, whilst being of another opinion in private, then this book may be for you." —Sue Phillips, Spiralthreads. Read the full review

"If, for whatever reason, life is not what you want it to be, this information can help you make the changes in order to transition into a new and beautiful way of living. It is one of the best guidebooks I have read and yet it does not overwhelm the reader with daunting tasks and unrealistic expectations." —Angela Hutchinson, Spirit-Works.Net Read the full review

Spirit Works Reviews

"The book is introspective and individualistic. I found Brady's suggestions regarding active journaling especially helpful. A comprehensive bibliography and resource list enhance the future value of the book as a source of future study.

"This work is an excellent choice for inclusion in the Spiritual Dimensions Series published by the Loving Healing Press. I found it helpful for self examination and analysis. The author helped me gain insights into my personal behavior patterns and in understanding myself in relation to the world around me." --Richard R. Blake, San Leandro, CA

"Many of us are caught in a web of living an unfulfilling life. We go through each day with no goals or ambitions to help challenge our minds. The comfort zones that we cocoon around our existence hamper our growth. There are those who fantasize of the perfect life where all their innermost dreams become a reality.

"Wake up and break free of the invisible chains that are holding you prisoner. You are your own individual and are able to have the life you see in your mind's eye. You may be questioning how this is possible; there is no hope in your current situation. Through the inspirational revelations of Tami Brady's The Complete Being: Finding And Loving the Real You, you will discover a special person exists right before your eyes every time you look into the mirror. Through her words of motivation and encouragement you will quickly be heading on the pathway of success. Each word of wisdom was like a bright ray of sunshine. It gave me the opportunity to see all the talents I had been missing. It also showed me how to use these wonderful talents to achieve that which I most desired.

"This book is a truly unique self-help book that will take you on a self-actualization journey to find yourself. The author has used her own special touch to make this book shine. You can almost feel the warmth of her words radiate throughout your body as you allow each one to absorb deep into your soul. Allow her to come into your life and you will discover the person you were truly meant to be. By doing so, you will have taken the first step in finding a life so full of rewards."

—Suzie Housley,June 2006, www.MyShelf.com Read the full review...

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