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ISBN 1932690085
180 pages
6"x9" Trade Paper
Science tells us that the atom is 99.99% space, a nucleus surrounded by an electron cloud; the electrons are spinning and rotating about the nucleus.

In order for there to be vibration, something must be moving, and there must be space for it to move in. The atom, therefore, can validly be considered vibrational in nature. If the atom is vibrational, then ultimately so is matter and energy. Reasoning in this way, we can regard the entire universe as being vibrational in nature, without contradicting the observations and conclusions of science. Light, for example, has been discovered to have a vibrational aspect. In its particle aspect it is known as a photon. The duality of light mirrors the duality of the physical universe itself.

When life, the universe and everything is considered from the vibrational standpoint, a powerful and practical new understanding of life is possible.

Combined with the idea of consciousness as a non-physical, creative principle, mysteries are resolved and living becomes much easier. A person gains more and more control over his or her life.

  • Why do things happen to you the way they do?
  • Are there really universal laws or is life a matter of probability, luck, or chance?
  • Do your decisions have any meaning, or effect, on the world around you, or are the conditions of your life destined always to be "just the way it is?"
In this book, I attempt to answer these questions!

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