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• Pub.: January 2006
• ISBN 3833443553
• 124 pages
• 6x9" paperback

Where do we come from?
Who are we?
Where are we going?

These questions have been asked for thousands of years. It is important to understand our role in the universe and the purpose of our lives.

We also want to live our lives being happy, healthy, and prosperous. We want peace, love, and harmony as well as action, challenges, and fun.

The book What if...? is a series of questions and thoughts regarding topics like:

  • Time and universe
  • Religion, spirituality, existence, life, and death
  • Forgiveness
  • Happiness and trust
  • Perception, attitude, dreams, and reaching goals

    Only you can find your answers but hopefully you will find some inspiration in this book.

    About the Author

    Gunnar Jensen was born in a small town in northern Denmark in 1954, and all his life he has been very interested in the big existential questions. After working almost 30 years in the IT industry, he is now a full-time writer. What If..? is his first book, introducing a totally new way of writing about philosophical and personal matters. He is married to Mexican born Roxana and they have two daughters.

  • What People are Saying About What If...?
    “What if…?” Is a highly recommended read for anyone that wants to take themselves a step further in their life and become grounded in their own beliefs. Reading this book certainly made me contemplate my thoughts and come to terms with why I believe in specific answers to the questions Jensen brings up.
    —Irene Watson, ReaderViews

    What if ultimately serves as a point of debarkation for anyone who earnestly desires to pursue a path of spiritual growth. Moreover, What if challenges readers with inquisitive minds — encouraging them to observe, think, ask, test and arrive at self-gratifying conclusions.
    —Norm Goldman, Book Pleasures

    RebeccasReads highly recommends WHAT IF? as just the ticket to start you on your non-denominational & very personal voyage to consciousness. Like the three primary colors from which all others are mixed -- the three questions Gunnar Jensen poses (along with dozens of others) drive us as we wonder what our role is in the universe & the purpose of our lives. With a certain grace of word & thought this Dane offers a bouquet of insights to help you on your way.
    —Rebecca Brown, Rebecca's Reads

    “If you are a deep thinker, think you are a thinker or would like to think like a deep thinker; then this is the book for you. The questions Jensen poses will give you insight into how you connect to your-self and the universe. His non-technical and conversational tone is similar to a chat with a friend over coffee. It helped me Know Me a lot better. ”
    —Pete Gentile, author of How to Win at Losing Weight.

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