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• Pub. date: October 2007
• ISBN 1-932690-34-4
• 212 pages
• 6x9" paperback

You've Gotta Fight Back! Winning with Serious Illness, Injury, or Disability
  • The seriously ill, their friends and family will gain priceless advice on coping, dealing with depression, how to partner with the medical profession, the tremendous value of self-help groups and the vital importance of attitude.
  • Those with disabilities will learn how others have successfully played the hand they were dealt and managed to live successful, fulfilling lives. The disabled and those with serious illnesses can learn from each other. There are no silver bullets buried in these pages, just the sound, useable experience of others.
  • Caregivers, be they family, friends, or health professionals will gain great insight from the in-depth stories of survivors, the bereaved, and those who died with grace and even style. The heart of this book consists of thirteen, riveting, in-depth stories of people who fought back with courage, humor, and a positive attitude. In doing so, they have provided valuable guidance for you, the readers of this inspiring work.

    About the Author

    Dirk Chase Eldredge is passionate about writing and the research that necessarily precedes it. The book features thirteen in-depth studies of medical situations that had life-changing affects on those involved; patients, their families, friends and caregivers.

    Eldredge combines writing and speaking with entrepreneurship. He is the author of three published books. Versatile, his over 50 years in business have included computer marketing, retail ownership, startup and sale of a successful wholesale travel business and a ten-year bank directorship.

    His two prior books concerned controversial public policy issues; one on the illicit drug problem, the other on immigration. Both were published by Bridge Works Publishing of New York. His book on drugs garnered praise from William F. Buckley, Jr., and Nobel Prize winning economist, the late Milton Friedman. Together, they received enthusiastic reviews by the Los Angeles Times, The Economist Magazine, The Denver Post, Kirkus Reviews and others. In addition to scores of speaking engagements to community organizations, Eldredge has appeared on The O'Reilly Factor and Court TV

  • What People are Saying About You've Gotta Fight Back!
    “This book helps sufferers and caregivers alike to make sense of their situation, to avoid the mistakes while copying the successful strategies of these very real people.” --Bob Rich, PhD, Cancer: A Personal Challenge
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