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Loving Healing Press
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Writing for Loving Healing Press:
LHPress occasionally publishes unsolicited manuscripts from exceptional authors as part of the "Spiritual Dimensions" or "New Horizons in Therapy" series. Such books must be congruent with our mission statement (see below) and empowering to readers. We pay competitive rates to authors, but our books are not cheap. All new books will retail at $17.95 and above, commensurate with length. Although we do not offer publishing advances, we do have an incentive royalty scale that increases with total sales.

An inquiry should contain a minimum of the following items:

  • Outline of the book listing all chapters and sections (about 3 pages).
  • At least one sample chapter (preferably two to four).
  • Statement of who your market is (hint: it's not everyone who reads).
  • Estimates of total length and date of completion.
  • Assurance that you are the sole legal owner of this intellectual property.
  • If a reprint, explain why this work deserves to be back in print.
  • Marketing Plan: explaining what steps YOU will take to help sell the book.

    Evaluation of Manuscripts
    Unlike many other publishing houses, LHP does not charge authors an evaluation fee for manuscripts. If selected for consideration, your manuscript will be read by a professional editor who has shepherded more than 100 books into publication. Manuscripts are scored on specific criteria which the author would do well to consider before submitting.

    Manuscript Formats
    In general, all books must be submitted in Microsoft Word 97 (or later) format. Or a format which can be readily converted in one step such as WordPerfect, HTML, or ASCII. Such documents need to have proper paragraphs (hit Enter only once per paragraph) and only simple text decorations (Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, italics, boldface) and a single font throughout the body text.

    Occasionally we will take on out-of-print books where no original manuscript is available. This typically involves destructive scanning of one copy of the old book and a cost of $100 to $200, normally borne by the author.

    Advantages to authors
    LHPress has a fully-developed distribution system including direct relationships with Amazon, Ingram Book Group, Baker & Taylor, New Leaf Distributing, and conference bookstores among others.

    "Loving Healing Press is dedicated to producing books about innovative and rapid therapies to empower authors in redefining what is possible for healing the mind and spirit."

    What Authors are Saying About Our Service

    • "My books are very important to me, as they are the avenue for me to get my present and eventual work to the public. You are such a big part of this...I can't even begin to tell you. Thank you for believing in this work." --Jules Kennedy
    • "I want to say thank you for your perspective on this material. I think its a very effective combination or rounding out of perspectives - your computer/logical/knowledge of publishing and metaphysical eyes, then eventually Bob Rich's psychological perspective, along with my practical knowlege and application. I think it's a winning formula." --Charles Lawrence Allen
    • "What a gift of expression you have! I wouldn't touch it with a 6' poll, it is so right on! You have extracted the sum and substance of my utterances brilliantly." --David W. Powell.
    • "Received the books today, they are really lovely. I am so impressed with the editing and the changes that you have made. It looks like a book asking to be read! Thank you for such a polished, professional result." -- Lynda Bevan
    • "Thanks for believing!!!" -- Rick Ritter, MSW
    • "You're proving to be a very efficient man, and a writer of any kind couldn't ask for a better representative/editor." -- Don Bodey
    • "But before I write or do anything else, I would like to thank you for believing in me. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to turn this book around, and, for allowing me to make this book a masterpiece. I am beholden to you. Thank you very much for your kindness. It is deeply felt!" -- Karen Lynn
    • "The books arrived this morning. We are both very pleased with the result. The book looks very good, I am quite proud of my copy and intend to show it off at every opportunity." -- Jim Burtles
    • "Speaking of brilliant, I think your ideas are fantastic. I also think it might be exactly the kick in the ass that I need. Your suggestion of the prequel loosens something so lodged in a kind of writer's block it makes me take a deep, fresh breath, gives me hope and some sort of inspiration."
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